Military watches Essex

Are you searching for military watches Essex? Well look no further than Chase Hattan, who can provide you the best watches on the market!

Military watches tend to be durable, water resistant and reliable, so buying a watch with any old company could mean your paying extortionate amounts for a watch is not necessarily great quality. That’s why we recommend using us, we supply the best quality watches at the most competitive price range that will surely survive whatever you throw at it!

Maybe if you are looking for something a bit more classic, maybe a bit more vintage, then we have got your back as at Chase Hattan we provide a vintage section on our website which has a good majority of military watches, some even seeing the battle of World War 2! So you know they are durable if they have truly seen the great wars!

If you are interested getting yourself a nice military watch, then please don’t hesitate to contact us


Why buy a watch from Chase Hattan?

When you go to find a specific watch you are after, typically websites don’t allow for specific searches when trying to find a certain watch. This is something we have tried to avoid at Chase Hattan, so we have designed our website to allow for specific searches by including these categories:

  • Brand
  • Condition
  • Gender
  • Vintage
  • Movement
  • Year
  • Dial Colour


Contact Us – Military watches Essex

If you are interested in purchasing a military watch with Chase Hattan, then we highly recommend contacting us via our enquiry form on our page. Or instead you can contact us using email using this address: or if you would prefer to, you can phone us using this phone number: +44 203 059 7942

We look forward to some doing business with you!

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