Rolex Datejust Essex

Are you searching for a Rolex Datejust Essex? Look no further as Chase Hattan Watches has you covered with the best watches at the most competitive prices

Datejusts are a beautiful watch, so if you are looking for one, then you have great taste in watches. So pick out your favourite Datejust from our wide selection here at Chase Hattan. We have many different ones from many different years depending on your tastes! So you can find the right watch for you!

If you are looking for a more vintage Datejust, Chase Hattan also provides a section just for vintage watches and some of them are in some pristine condition and even some with a story or some history behind them, have a browse now on our vintage page!

If you are interested in purchasing yourself a nice Datejust watch, then please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Why Choose Chase Hattan Watches?

Have you ever been to watch dealers before? Interested in purchasing or selling a watch, and the person who you are dealing with is just extremely pushy and forceful? Trying to get you to buy/sell a watch for a ridiculous and unrealistic price? This is unfortunately the state of buying watches in this day and age. But Chase Hattan wants to change this by aiming to treat everyone who walks through the door as a friend instead of a customer, and we aim to keep our prices as good as we can by having a high turnover rate for our watches, so you know that you are dealing with the best!


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