Chase Hattan Guarantee

We provide a 12 Month Guarantee on all watches unless otherwise provided by the manufacture

The Customer will be informed in writing of the replacement part costs prior to procurement and such costs shall be confirmed by the Customer prior to procurement

The issue in question must be described by the Customer in this written communication to We shall then arrange for the watch to be collected from the Customer.

Costs for any material and replacement parts needed to be related to these parts shall be borne by the Customer. The Customer shall be notified of the estimated material and replacement part costs before the repairs are carried out and the Customer can decide whether the repairs are to be carried out

We shall only carry out repairs that can be fixed by our own watchmaker. Repairs carried out by the manufacturer are excluded from the Guarantee. There is no obligation for performance under the Guarantee, if the replacement part cannot be demonstrably obtained outside our responsibility or the manufacturer does not deliver the replacement part

We shall not be required to provide any services under the Guarantee if the provision of such services is not possible. We shall not assume any liability outside the statutory warranty for defects identified in the partial inspection.

The Guarantee issued by Chase Hattan shall only apply to the person who purchased the watch at Chase Hattan. It may not be transferred to other persons. The Guarantee shall expire on a resale by the purchaser.

The Customer has to provide proof that the goods delivered are actually the goods acquired at Chase Hattan. Goods sent in error will be returned immediately


Our guarantee covers:

  • Repair of the watch by an expert. Under the Guarantee, the hours worked by the watchmaker are borne by us.
  • Replacement parts that have to be procured for the repair work are invoiced to the Customer.

  • Removal of damage deliberately caused by Customer.
  • Damage related to water damage.
  • Watch straps, glass, crowns and all parts subject to wear and tear as well as any damage not caused by natural or normal wear and tear shall be excluded from the Guarantee.
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