Vintage Rolex watches London

Are you searching for Vintage Rolex watches London? Well you are in luck as Chase Hattan watches have a wide range of vintage watches ready for you!

If you are in the market for vintage watches, then Chase Hattan has your back! as we have hundreds of vintage watches dating back all the way to the 1940s! With some even having some history behind them such as watches that have survived World War 2. Or even a Rolex that had been rescued from the Bismarck ship! So these watches can take anything you throw at them!

If you are also interested in more modern watches we have many pages that contain great watches at great value prices, and up to 30 brands to choose from your options are limitless, with the choice on our site to search specifics like year, colour, brand and movement, we promise you will be able to find the perfect watch for your wrist!

If you are interested in buying a watch with us, then please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Why buy a watch with Chase Hattan?

At Chase Hattan, giving excellent customer service is a part of our mission as a company. We do this by treating everyone who walks through our doors as a friend who is a fellow watch enthusiast just like us. This can not be said about all watch dealers, some of which can be extremely pushy and rude to try and get you to buy/sell, this is something we want to avoid at Chase Hattan


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If you are interested in purchasing a watch with us, then we highly recommend that you fill out an enquiry form on our website, or alternatively, you can email us using this address: or instead you can phone us at: +44 203 059 7942

We look forward to doing business with you!

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